How will the construction bill be covered and by whom?

There are three primary sources working jointly towards the realization of the project.

1. Serbian Orthodox Church

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand purchased the land at a cost of $3.6 million. The Church paid half the cost of the land on purchase with the previous owner giving finance for the other 50%. The full amount of the loan has now been paid and the land is debt free. The community was not asked to contribute to the cost of the land and no donations were applied for this purpose. The Church continues to assist wherever possible and sponsored the cost of the roofing at the College for an amount exceeding $100,000. It is also considering being a sponsor of the glazing depending on available resources.

2. Kumovi and Donors

St.Sava College has a number of Kumovi, who have each pledged or donated at least $50,000 in donations to the St Sava College Building Fund.
In addition there are major donors, who have donated an amount of at least $10,000, as well as many other donors of smaller but still significant amounts.

3. State and Federal Governments

The Australian and NSW Governments offer St.Sava College assistance in two forms.
a) A Capital Grants Scheme is available to deserving schools. This means that when a particular school has a proven track record, it may apply to the both the State and Federal governments for direct funding for the building of educational facilities.
b) Once the school is open, the Federal Government pays a subsidy for each enrolled student, based on a formula. This is the major source of funding for operating schools.