An Inspiring Insight - 18/11/2009

An Inspiring Insight - 18/11/2009


Anybody visiting the St.Sava College building site will be impressed, not only with the imposing progress being made on the building site itself, but also with by the joyous and enthusiastic atmosphere generated by workers, tradesmen and visitors alike.


Registered builder Milos Pajic who is supervising the project, together with his ever present assistants, Aleksandar Cupic and Djoko Pantic are making an extraordinary effort to guarantee a first class job.  Behind the scenes, Building Committee Chairman, Randon Ilic together with Fr. Djuro Djurdjevic, engineer Dragan Miladinovic, architect  Nada Popovic and a host of others have all offered their time and expertise to the realization of this most ambitious project of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia do date.

As stated in an earlier posting, the immense task of placing 10,000 concrete blocks is being done totally free of cost by the owners and employees of Luksul Building Services. Dragan Suljak and Jovo Lukic the proprietors of this well established firm, and their force of some 40 tradesmen, have demonstrated dedicated true service to their Church and community. We pray the Lord bless them and their families, which have endured a string of weekends without their fathers who have been working diligently at St.Sava College.

So often we Serbs tend to be self deprecating. We often hear our own people saying that other ethnic groups are so more united and loyal than our own community. To some it seems that even with the greatest effort, we Serbs can never achieve what others seem to do so effortlessly. That this postulate is not true, is evidenced by the many Churches, clubs and community facilities built over the years by our predecessors, almost all the fruit of voluntary labour from within the community.

For those who need a fresh reminder that we are a community deserving of respect and indeed of self respect, please make your way to the St.Sava College building site and see for yourself. The scale of this project and the immense responsibility our Church has taken upon herself in terms of our future, is truly inspiring. It is an undertaking we have long talked about and for even longer dreamt about. Now the reality of God's blessing is upon us, and many are hearing the call to offer their talents to this God-given cause.

Two weeks ago, state of the art scaffolding was provide totally free of charge by Sydney Hoists and Rentals.  Aleksandar Manojlovic, proprietor of this leading Sydney firm, has always been one of the first to jump at the chance of offering his talents to the work of the Church. For their building projects and in particular for the completion of fresco work, over the years scaffolding needs of St.Lazarus at Alexandria, St. Sava at Elanora and St. Stephens at Rooty Hill were all provided gratis by Alex and his sons Milos and Sasha.

Building supervisor Milos Pajic said after the scaffolding was erected, that he only wished he had this quality of service and supply at every job he supervises. A most sincere thank you, to Alex and his family.

Last weekend, before the rain made it impossible to continue with building work, the walls and columns had grown in sections to a height of 4.8 metres.  Weather permitting, the block work will be completed next weekend and we then begin the preparations for placing the steel construction of the roof.

If you would like to lend a hand on any given Saturday in the next few weeks, it would be greatly appreciated. There are many small jobs around the site and on the property, so please come and dedicate a little of your time to this wonderful venture. Work begins at 7am each Saturday morning.

It is anticipated that we will have completed structural steel work by the beginning of December.  With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Irinej, Divine Liturgy will be celebrated on site on Sunday the 13th of December at 9.30am. Following the service, the Committee of Serbs from Slavonija, will provide a specially prepared lunch for all who come to offer thanks to our Lord for the blessing of progress thus far.

We hope to see you there.

Fr.Rade Radan

Project Director